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TORCH-ON MEMBRANE Code of Practice

The Code of practice for Torch-On Membrane Systems for Roofs and Decks published 2008 is available for free download from the Waterproofing Membrane Association website:


View or download from the Ministry's website:





























RANZ Good Practice DVD - Series 1

Do it right first time!  Profiled Roof Cladding - METAL

Incorporating Translucent Roofing and roof system components


This on-the-job training DVD produced by RANZ in 2009, looks at good trade practice for the design and installation of profiled metal and translucent roof cladding and has been aligned with the NZ Metal Roof & Wall Cladding Code of Practice and the Roofing ITO workbooks for the NZ National Certificate in Metal Roof & Wall Cladding.  The aim is to help installers to 'get the job done right first time' - showing practical ways to do some of the tricky bits that are often the cause of problems.

92 minutes duration, the DVD is divided into eight separate sections approximately 10 minutes each which can be selected independently by the viewer clicking on the section of choice.  An essential MUST HAVE - MUST SEE visual training tool for employers, roofing installers and trainees.

For residential, commercial and industrial applications

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  • RANZ and MRM Members:  1 x complimentary copy .... Additional copies @ $25.00 +GST +P&P       
  • NON RANZ Members:  $50.00 +GST +P&P

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