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Published quarterly, RoofLink® is produced for RANZ Members and is a direct benefit of membership. RoofLink® is the official journal and flagship of the Roofing Association of New Zealand and key publication of the Roofing Industry of New Zealand. 

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 RoofLink Summer 23

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Rooflink® is an approved publication by the Department of Building and Housing - qualifying for one (1) LBP skills maintenance point per issue

Containing a host of informative news, educational, business, industry and human interest articles and information, content of Rooflink® has a UNIQUE FOCUS and is SPECIFIC TO THE ROOFING INDUSTRY.  It's a great read!

Rooflink® brings members and subscribers right up to date with invaluable industry information including:

  • legislation and regulatory compliance
  • health & safety
  • technical
  • contractual/legal
  • employment
  • industry training
  • roofing features and member profiles
  • industry technology and innovations
  • AND the latest industry, supplier and membership news

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Eligibility terms and conditions apply:  Rooflink® is available on an annual subscription basis to non-member businesses, organisations, licensed building practitioners and individuals whose primary business/activity is not directly involved with roofing.  Businesses or individuals in the roofing sector whose primary business/activity is roofing and who would be eligible to apply for RANZ membership are not eligible to subscribe. 

If you are unsure as to your eligibility, please contact the RANZ CEO.

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We invite you to contact RANZ to enquire about subscribing to Rooflink® and current annual subscription rates.

Email:  editor@ranz.co.nz or phone +64-9-415-0278