Joining RANZ

If you’re in the business of ‘roofing’, then RANZ is the trade organisation for you! 

RANZ membership represents the majority of large, medium and small roofing contracting businesses involved in the installation of roofing and related products & accessories nationwide (Primary Members) and key manufacturers and suppliers to the industry (Associate Members) – encompassing all roofing system types on the New Zealand market.

Principally representing the interests of the contracting industry, through strong membership representation from both the contracting and manufacturing/supply sectors, RANZ is the overall collective voice for the roofing industry as a whole. As the industry watchdog, we’re here to protect the interests and welfare of members and the industry to ensure a more professional, better trained, informed and educated industry.

Offering a wide range of services, business & education resources and membership support both collectively and individually, membership of RANZ will benefit you and your business.

Since formed in 1994 RANZ and the roofing industry through the work of RANZ, has gone from strength to strength.

As a RANZ member, you will gain the benefit of a distinct business advantage with improved profile and credibility of a national brand behind you. Membership stands for quality of standards, skills, service and professionalism.

Ask yourself –

  • Are you sufficiently well informed?
  • Do you have up-to-date knowledge of current legislation and compliance requirements?
  • Do you know what’s ahead for the Roofing Industry and how legislation may impact on you and your business?
  • Do you know roofing has become a ‘specialist trade’ under the Building Act 2004 and licensing of the roofing industry that became mandatory on 1st March 2012?
  • Do you have access to industry specific information and education resources?
  • Do you have access to an industry-wide network support base?
  • Do you have the ability to mix and network with other roofing businesses and suppliers?
  • Do you have somewhere to turn for advice?
  • Do you have the customer referral preference of a RANZ member?

NO?  Then you should seriously consider joining.

We live in fast moving times

The Roofing Industry is undergoing constant change and needs to quickly adopt and adapt to new technologies and processes to keep ahead and maintain its competitive edge.

In this climate, professional specialist roofing companies need to keep abreast of industry developments, new/amended codes and legislation requirements.  With evolving legislation and industry practices, along with heightened consumer expectations, the industry needs to continually enhance and improve its skill base, business practices and workmanship standards.

With the changes ahead for the Roofing Industry and operating a business in a specialist and competitive market, it’s essential to the success of your business that ‘you’ve got your finger on the pulse’. AND that’s where RANZ can help you and you will benefit through membership.

If you’re weighing up the cost of membership, then consider the time it takes you to search out information or seek advice essential to your business. Time is money! Who do you turn to for information and advice and is that time you spend cost effective? Through membership – you will be better informed, receive support & guidance, and have access to information and resource tools that will benefit you and help you run and grow your business more successfully and improve the quality of service to your customers. We’re only a call away and it's stress free!

Apply to become a member of RANZ!

 For more information see Benefits of Membership, Membership Categories and Become a Member.