Why Roofing?

If the idea of working outdoors in different locations appeals then a career in roofing is worth considering.  Roofers are in high demand!

The roofing industry has many excellent employment opportunities for both skilled and unskilled workers so if you’re looking for an apprenticeship and a job offering good long term prospects and variety, then roofing may be the career for you.

If you’re leaving school and looking to take up and learn a solid established 'specialist trade' – then consider roofing!

If you’re looking at a career change – then consider roofing!

Roofing is a great career for fit people who enjoy working outdoors, like adventure, have a head for heights and are keen to be hands-on with solving problems using the latest technology and materials to complete either a residential or commercial roof.

The specialised nature of roofing and its importance to the overall composition of a commercial building or residential dwelling means it requires dedicated professionals to ensure that the materials and systems are installed to the highest standard.  Becoming skilled and working with a variety of materials and design make it a very satisfying trade to be part of.

Become a qualified roofer!  There are NZQA National Certificate in Roofing qualifications available for roofers to achieve formal recognition for their skills.   Advance up the career path and become a qualified site foreperson or supervisor.

Summary of key attractions

  • You can earn as you learn.
  • You will learn highly sought after skills.
  • You can achieve formal trade qualifications.
  • You will have a trade and you’ve got it for life.
  • You can earn a good living.
  • You will enjoy the outdoor lifestyle.
  • You will enjoy working with the variety of materials, design and technology on offer.
  • You can work your way up a career path.
  • You can one day own your own business.

If you’re looking for an apprenticeship in roofing, whether you don't have prior experience, are a school leaver, or wanting a career change – give RANZ a call on 09-415-0278 or contact a RANZ Member in your area to discuss job prospects.

If you’re not sure whether roofing is for you – talk to one of our members and ask if they could give you a trial work experience to see what roofing is all about!

Give roofing a go!!
Roofing is a specialist trade and offers excellent long-term prospects!

See Job Vacancies to find a nationwide listing of RANZ Members advertising positions available for both unskilled and skilled staff