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Experienced Roofers


Become a 'qualified' roofer

Experienced roof installers are able to register with our Roofing ITOs to gain New Zealand Certificate in Roofing qualifications.

Whether you've been roofing for five or 40 years, benefit by gaining a formal qualification in recognition for your roofing trade skills.

RANZ are lobbying for qualifications to be further integrated as the career pathway in our industry.

RANZ would like to see all roofing work needing to be supervised or carried out by Licensed Building Practioners. The New Zealand Certificate enables a more streamlined application process.


Qualifications and applying to become a Licensed Building Practitioner

TRADE QUALIFIED persons benefit by a streamlined application process 

NON-TRADE QUALIFIED persons must go through the comprehensive application process

Applications for non-trade qualified and trade-qualified persons available from the Ministry of Building Innovation & Employment - go to our Licensing page for further information.