Building Consenting for NZ Roofing

Building Consent requirements

A commonly asked question is whether or not a Building Consent is required, in the case of a re-roof. Under Schedule 1 of the Building Act, there are some exemptions for the requirement for a Building Consent. The use of a comparable system (sometimes called like for like) usually means a Building Consent is not required. Failing to get a Building Consent can expose one to the risk of prosecution and may impact on insurance for your home.

Before you proceed with having a new roof installed, CHECK with your Local Building Consent Authority (Council / BCA) to ascertain requirements for a Building Consent.  Seek advice and assistance with building consent requirements from your RANZ Member.

► New roofing as part of the construction of a new dwelling or an extension being built on an existing dwelling WILL REQUIRE a Building Consent.


► Re-roofing of an existing dwelling MAY REQUIRE a Building Consent.  Note: Building Consent requirements for like-for-like re-roofing may differ from council to council. Always check with your council if a consent is required.


► A Building Consent MAY ALSO BE REQUIRED for other structural roofing work (e.g. repitching the roof) and decking.


If the roof is being replaced as it has failed its durability requirements under the Building Code, i.e., lasted less than 15 years, then a Building Consent will be required.


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