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NZ Roofing Apprenticeship 

When you have signed on as an apprentice, you do your learning on the job and by attending block courses. Your supervisor will show you how to do things and explain why things are done this way. Your supervisor will also make sure you learn good work practices to ensure you and others are safe in the workplace.

In the NZ Roofing Industry, there are five specialities you may work in:

  • Concrete or Clay Tile
  • Profiled Metal Roofing and Wall Cladding
  • Metal tile
  • Roof Membrane Systems
  • Shingle or Slate Roofing 

You will be provided with resources with instructions for completing the on job assessments listed in the New Zealand Certificate learning material.

Your supervisor will be an experienced, practising roofer. They may also be your Verifier. The Verifier watches, helps and mentors you so that they can verify (check) that you are getting the skills and knowledge required as you progress through your apprenticeship. Your learning material is designed to gradually build your knowledge and skills over the length of your apprenticeship. Yes there are time requirements that sections must be finished by a set time. This then enables you to advance to the next phase of your learning journey.

A word which will be seen frequently in your learning materials and conversations with learning providers is ‘Competent’. Being competent is where you can demonstrate the skills and knowledge required to complete your assessments in your apprenticeship. This will include practical and theory assessments. Your Verifier will be there to see that this is your own work and it has been done properly. If you are not sure  what is being asked, just ask your verifier or if you are at a Block Course ask your tutor.

To find out more about roofing apprenticeships, contact us or find out about roofing training providers here