RANZ Providing Best-Practice Mental Health Support for our Roofing People

For roofers working at heights on a daily basis, Health and Safety is a core consideration - indeed perhaps more so than for most. In addition to height and physical safety though, mental health support is a high-priority focus in the construction sector today:

Construction workers are 6x more likely to die by suicide than by a workplace accident - construction has the highest rate of suicide of all the industries in New Zealand (Statistics sourced from: MATES in construction). 

RANZ has responded to the need to focus on this vital health and safety concern for our people and the broader sector in a number of ways over the last several years, including providing members with resources and guidance via e-newsletters, RoofLink magazines, conference presentations and more. 

Typically reserved for the likes of large corporate organisations, RANZ has also made available to RANZ Member employees an EAP - a best-practice mental health support service. RANZ is also a contributing partner to MATES in Construction - proudly supporting the crucial work they contribute to our sector.  

  • Support reference: mentalhealth.org.nz/help
  • Free phone MATES for 24/7 helpline support: 0800 111 315 
  • In emergencies dial 111

The bottom line is - we all face ups and downs and times of struggle - it's more than ok to reach out for help when we need it - it is in fact a strong and courageous act to do so.