CEO Memo: Site Cyclone Preparations

RANZ Member Update - RANZ CEO: 

Sent: 09.30, 10 February 2023

Hi Members,

Just as Auckland and neighbouring regions dry out a bit it looks very likely we are about to get another significant weather event. For those impacted, in particular have a really good look and take precautions on your sites.

Forecasted winds are at 150km/hr. Secure everything that can move while conditions allow this to happen. It will be too unsafe to do anything when the weather is doing it’s worst!! Stuff will move if not secured. Packs of roofing are vulnerable. More tie-downs now would be very wise.

Please keep it safe out there. I hope we all come out the other side of this relatively unscathed.

Here's a note from Auckland Building Consents with further details on site preparation: 

Auckland Council alert to Construction Sector – Site Preparation for Potential Weather Event:
Kia ora koutou,
You will have seen the latest updates of the likelihood that Tāmaki Makaurau / Auckland is facing more extreme weather. This time the predictions are for high winds as well as intense rain.
It’s time to assess any impact this weather may have on your site:
  • Consider boarding up openings with plywood rather than relying on building wrap
  • Clear all obstructions and debris away from drains and overland flow-paths
  • Brace and secure any security fences, portaloos or other items which may be affected by high winds
  • Secure any building materials that remain on site including any waste
  • Make sure shrink wrap and scaffolding is secure and if you have any concerns, raise it with your design engineer
  • Where possible temporarily connect any downpipes
  • Consider isolating electricity and gas supplies where practical
  • Talk to your neighbour and have a plan in place if your site might affect a neighbouring site
  • Back filling stormwater/wastewater drainage pipes might help prevent the possibility of lines lifting out of the ground.
In previous weather events we have seen site offices blown over and temporarily braced tilt slabs fail catastrophically.
We have the time to get ready and taking some simple steps now will help you be back to business in the shortest time possible.
Visit Our Auckland for updates on the Auckland Flooding Response and further information on preparing for Tropical Cyclone Gabrielle.
If you require urgent assistance, call 0800 22 22 00.


Please take care and keep it safe out there.


Ngā Mihi, Kind Regards,


Graham Moor


See emergency management information here.

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