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15 February, 2021 - Regional Boundary & Auckland Lockdown Level 3, Level 2 Rest of NZ


Hi Members,

Checkpoints are set to be in place today on the Auckland boundary and exemptions will be needed (refer to regional travel restrictions details that apply with Alert levels 2 & 3 - see here). If you have had exemptions prior, these should be readily available to you registering again. For information on Auckland travel boundaries and to register for exemptions see here. 

Here is a reminder of the message distributed yesterday evening, with protocols links and updates - 


On Government advice, with Auckland in Level 3 from 11.59pm Sunday 14/2, and the rest of NZ in Level 2, for three days at this stage, postponement is advised wherever possible and we have the vital CHASNZ protocols to dust off and work with - as you did so well as needed through 2020. Refer to the links further below, but first please note - 

NB: Auckland/New Plymouth++ locations of interest - isolation/testing requirements present - see locations of interest and details here: There are trades links within the Covid 19 community cases, including to locations of interest (Bunnings, South & East Auckland stores x4, etc.) among others, and New Plymouth locations also, etc., and isolation requirements are in place for casual contacts  - see locations of interest and details here. 

If time off work is required due to isolation requirements, be aware that there is a very recent government subsidy available of $350 if applies - see details here.  

Construction Protocols:

Auckland - See Alert Level 3 Construction Protocols from CHASNZ -

Level 3 Checklist - Click Here  

Residential Protocols Level 3 - Click Here 

Vertical & Horizontal Protocols Level 3 - Click Here   

Rest of NZ - See Alert Level 2 Construction Protocols from CHASNZ:

Level 2 Checklist - Click Here  

Residential Protocols Level 2 - Click Here   

Vertical & Horizontal Protocols Level 2 - Click Here  


It is vital for construction that the protocols are followed vigorously. 

Contact your teams, etc. You know the drill. And consider stepping the vigilance up a notch, mindful of the new more virulent strains. We have already done this and we can do it again. 

We will keep you posted with further updates and advice. 



Ngā Mihi, Kind Regards,


Graham Moor

CEO, Roofing Association of New Zealand